Camping Rates

2020 Season

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Daily and weekly camping rates are based on a family of 4. We charge $1 per each additional person/night ($6 per each additional person/week). Seasonal rates cover 2 adults and custodial children under 21 only. Deposits for seasonal sites are non-refundable. A 5% convenience fee will be applied to all phone or invoiced credit card transactions.

Tent Sites (Bicyclists Welcome - call for special rate!) $30 $180 N/A N/A
30 Amp Electric with Water $40 $240 $730 $1630
Extra Large 30 Amp Electric with Water $42 $252 $765 $1755
Non-Sewer Premium 30 Amp Electric $44 $264 $800 $1855
30 Amp Electric with Sewer $44 $264 $800 $1855
Extra large 30/50 Amp Electric with Sewer $46 $276 $840 $2080
Premium Extra Large Full Hookup $48 $288 $875 $2300

To make a reservation, we require a 1 night deposit. If you need to cancel a reservation, we will refund your deposit with a 7 day notice. A $5 processing fee will be applied. There is a 3 night, paid in full minimum for all holiday weekends. If you need to cancel a holiday reservation, refunds will be given with a 7 day notice in the form of camping credit. A $15 processing fee will be applied. Our check-in is at noon; check-out is at 11am. There is a $10 early check-in/late check-out option if site is available.


We take payments in any amount any time before the season starts. We also offer the following payment plan: Half of your seasonal rate plus dumping, if applicable, is due opening weekend upon arrival. Please check in to the office and sign your contract at this time. Balance is due paid in full by June 7th. We are offering a $50 incentive for anyone who has their site paid in full plus dumping by opening weekend. The cut-off for this offer is May 3rd - NO EXCEPTIONS! This incentive is valid only if payment is made in cash or by check. Any outstanding balances after Jun. 7th will be subject to a 2% monthly interest fee, as well as a $5 monthly processing charge. Any site not paid in full by closing weekend is subject to having the camper removed from the site until all outstanding balances are received. An appropriate removal fee will be applied to your balance. You will also be subject to a storage fee of $50 per month. Your site will become available for selection for someone else to choose for the following season. Your camper may not be removed from the property until all outstanding balances are paid in full.


If you should decide to leave us before the end of the season, we will be sad to see you go!! Also, you will no longer be considered a seasonal camper and will no longer be eligible to receive the seasonal rate. Your bill will be pro-rated according to the month, the week, and the number of days that you spent with us. This pro-ration also applied to campers who are asked to leave due to non-compliance with campground rules and regulations.


To make coming back next year more convenient for you, we do not charge for winter storage as long as you continue to camp with us the following season. You can leave your camper right on your site! If you do decide to leave us, our storage fee is $50/month.


We are happy to offer our campers the security of a gated community. Our seasonal campers are each entitled to up to two passes. If you only have one driver in the family, then you will only be eligible for one. All visitors’ cars must stay in the visitor parking lot. If our security system picks up on you letting an unauthorized car into the park, your pass will be turned off. Gate passes cost $10 each. If you lose your pass, the lost pass will be terminated and it is a $30 replacement fee for a new one. Weekend campers will be issued a pass for a $10 deposit that is fully refundable when the pass is turned in. The same rules apply.


For our seasonal and monthly campers, we read the electric meters at the beginning of every month (or beginning and ending of your stay). It is your responsibility to come up to the office and pay your bill. Bills must be paid before the first of the following month. It is at management’s discretion to turn off your gate pass if you have an outstanding bill. A $5 monthly processing fee will be added to any outstanding bill, as well as a 2% monthly interest rate.

**All electric bills must be paid in full by closing weekend!**


Gate Pass $10 Each, $30 Replacement Fee
Overnight Visitors $5
Visitor Swimming $5/Day
Registered Visitors (family members only) $45
Visitor Parking $5/Vehicle
Seasonal Parking Pass $50 (excluding Holiday Weekends incl. Halloween)
Pavilion Rental $35 Flat Rate + $2/PP & $3/Swimmer
Paddle Boats $5/Half Hour (Must Wear Life Jacket. We Will Provide)
Seasonal Dumping $125
Dumping $10
Dumping Station (non registered campers) $10
Electric Metered, Pay Monthly at Office
Awning Repair & Installation See Derrick for Estimate
Mowing $10/Site, $15/Extra Large Site
Seasonal Mowing $150/Site, $200/Extra Large Site
Service Calls See Office
Shed Moving $30/Small Shed, $60/Large Shed
Camper Removal w/Added Room $150 Flat Rate + $25/Hour for Labor
Deck Moving $40/Small Deck, $75/Large Deck
Cement Pads Cost of Materials, Free Labor
*All prices subject to change at management’s discretion.

If you have any questions, please call Emily and Derrick at 315.946.4436. Please also call us to report any problems in the park any time of day or night while they are happening so that we may address them immediately.